Michigan Reproductive Health Law

Michigan Reproductive Health Law

Learn about Michigan’s current and upcoming reproductive laws affecting Michigan residents.

It’s true. On November 21, 2023 Governor Whitmer signed the Michigan “Reproductive Health Act,” which she claimed “reduced silly and unnecessary restrictions” for women seeking abortions, such as the width of hallways, ceiling heights and size of the janitor closets.”

(www.michigan.gov/whitmer/news/press-releases/2023/11/21 )

Under the guise of expanding abortion access, the Governor has just mandated that all Michigan taxpayers pay for other peoples’ abortions through insurance purchased on the state exchanges. Today was all about forcing Michigan taxpayers, already experiencing financial strain from inflation, to fund the Governor’s singular policy focus – abortion.

Do not be fooled. This bill has nothing to do with access to abortion for women who have been subjected to sexual abuse. Women in Michigan have full access to abortion up until birth for any reason whatsoever.

Here are some frightening consequences of this bill.

LAWS NO LONGER IN EFFECT include the following: clinic licensing*, humane disposal of fetal remains, priority funding for family planning money away from abortion providers, abortion reporting, abortion complication reporting, the abortion insurance opt-out law, the prohibition on partial-birth abortion, the “quick-child” law (enhanced penalties for late-term abortions), the prohibition on abortion referrals from the college parenting offices and the Abortion Insurance Op-Out Law.

Yes, Veterinary clinics in Michigan now have more clinic licensing regulations than abortion clinics.

Women choosing abortions are now less safe than ever before.