24 hour Waiting Period

24 hour Waiting Period

MRG Michigan Poll®:  Poll shows that, while voters want access to abortion, the overwhelming majority favor a regulated system that protects the health of the patient, minors, parents and taxpayers

LANSING, Mich. – An overwhelming majority of Michigan voters support retaining provisions of Michigan law related to abortion which, while maintaining access to abortion, safeguard the health and safety of women, minors, parents and taxpayers. These provisions include parental consent for minors and a 24-hour waiting period to allow for informed consent before having an abortion procedure, according to the MRG, LLC-commissioned Spring 2024 Michigan Poll®. The statewide survey of 600 registered voters was conducted April 8-11.

“Even with a woman’s right to choose being codified in the Michigan Constitution via Proposal 3, a vast majority of voters – including those who consider themselves to be pro-choice – still support certain regulations surrounding the procedure,” said Jenell Leonard, owner of MRG, LLC. “The protection of the patient, minors, and taxpayers are still important considerations across the state and beyond political spectrums.”

68% of all voters support parental consent

Sixty-eight percent of all voters support the current requirement that minor-age children must have the consent of a parent before having an abortion, while only 22% oppose the regulation. This protection is supported in every geographical area of the state (including 79% of Detroit voters), among all demographic groups tested including women, pro-choice, and pro-life supporters, and across the political spectrum of Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters.

Voters, make your voice heard by telling your Representatives that you want to keep the 24 hour waiting period as law in Michigan.