“Respect Life” month is a time to reflect on the value and need for protection of all human life.  In October we have our annual “Life Saver Drive”.  Area churches participate by speaking about protecting all human life, and collecting donations for Muskegon County Right to Life.  Your donations support our Muskegon office and our local educational efforts.  

We will provide life saver candy as a ‘thank you’, and we have educational material available for your use.  Please call our office at 231 733-6300 for more information.  

The Life Saver Drive is typically conducted during September and October.  Some churches take up a special collection.  Others pass out life saver candy and accept donations at the doors of their church.  We will assist you in any way needed to conduct a drive at your church. 

Would you like to be a "Life Saver"?

Here's all you'd need to do:

  • Obtain approval from your Pastor to schedule a collection at your church. 

  • It is extremely helpful if the Pastor will announce the collection, and encourage support for the prolife cause.  (Many churches coordinate it with the “Respect Life” theme in October.)

  • Some churches take up a collection during the service, while at others donations are collected at the doors as people leave.  

  • We'll provide you "life saver" candy.

  • We are available to speak during your service(s) regarding who we are, why we are needed, what we do, and what you can do to help.  We are finding that in just 5 short minutes, people can change their minds once they become aware of the facts on life issues.

    Please call our office at (231) 733-6300 if you'd like more information, or would like to participate.  Thank you!